General Assembly of the Association of food industry machinery moving on the board, the maintenance inspector

Food Industry Machine Building Society’s General Assembly Fifth Sunday afternoon May attended by twenty-seven members and the number of guests was held. In this regard, Seyed Alireza Myrbaba CEO of the new Dmagstrsazan previous inspection association with the most votes were elected in their place. As well as the resignation of a member of the board of directors, M. Mostaghaci CEO Mbdltank was previously alternate members of the board members were in place. The last issue raised at the meeting how the Association of Food Industry Exhibition and the issues surrounding it. Seyed Alireza Myrbaba as exhibition coordinator Association members provided comments and their questions answered.


The ninth book was published in packaging

Number ninth Yearbook Yearbook packaging Printing and Packaging Exhibition Tehran while holding the twenty-second distributed it began.

The Calendar except ads companies active in the packaging contains several reports and interviews about the packaging market.


Passion and heart, concerned the purchase of foreign domestic industries

Brjam and not Psabrjam nothing to do with age. It was always talking about for years that the sanctions be lifted as soon as the people in power will not hesitate in buying from foreigners. Power industry executives state their eyes when visiting foreign Vrdhhay seen. Now the son of needs assessments and meet the needs of major industries that dedicate their lives to their country what to do? This change should not affect the right of country greats wasted. It is obvious that if the country was sanctioned, engineers and specialists were in a position higher than what they are now.to achieve justice….

Unfortunately, the automotive industry and how to manage it, people have been skeptical towards domestic production. Replacing automotive industry as a symbol of national industry and public discontent with it, all the country’s industry is affected. Including both upstream petrochemical industries are the largest packaging industry and its consumers. Types of packaging and logistics equipment used in the manufacture of petrochemicals. More famous foreign equipment manufacturers are packaged in petrochemical complexes. Between the end of the boycott was not clear to anyone (and not) purchased equipment began experiencing technical difficulties and some were not even need to be replaced. Two years ago due to problems in the country’s petrochemical project packaging equipment “to determine the status of the packaging lines petrochemical complexes” in the company’s petrochemical research due to the lack of funding requested was stopped. But now some of these efforts have been put in unequal competition with foreign counterparts.

Unless the car its own country and joined hands and foreign purchases to supply raw materials and infrastructure technologies lead. Measurement equipment plays an important role in reducing costs and diversion of production research. There are many tests to assess the ability of materials and equipment. For example, a variety of leak tests and inspection that such tests are important. As well as gaming facilities that include software from this category are expensive and prototyping equipment. Even if there is general consensus about some infrastructure and reach to the Government. Cooperatives play an important role in capital accumulation and the need to achieve big goals. The bottom line is that after the confrontation exhibitions Iran’s domestic and foreign craftsmen. It is an unequal battle.